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Welcome to the world of Bumpies, your vibrant companions in the Web3 universe! Your Bumpie will open doors to exclusive games, unlock rewards, and help you connect with a community that shares your interests.

Bumpies are available in four unique rarities, each more captivating than the last. Don't miss your chance to snag the elusive Galactic Bumpie - they're only available for a limited time!


Bumpies, your ultimate NFT companion to a galactic web3 adventure, offering a realm of true digital ownership, infinite customization, and a vibrant community, all while unlocking exclusive rewards in an ever-evolving ecosystem.

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    Join the game

    Bumpies are the core of our diverse, handpicked collection of games and DApps.

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    Unleash your style

    Unique customizations from in-house and collaborative designers help you stand out and express yourself.

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    Ecosystem of Rewards

    Earn lucrative rewards from our premier games and expansive Ecosystem. Play, achieve, and reap the benefits.


Dive into the enchanting BumpieVerse, a kaleidoscope of colorful and captivating characters waiting to meet your Bumpies! As you navigate through our engaging games and Ecosystem Dapps, every encounter guarantees not just fun, but an unforgettable experience!


Atlas - Coconut Bumpie

Coconuts are the most dedicated souls. They weather every storm and always emerge victorious, never cracking under pressure.

Atlas is the mightiest HODLer, safeguarding not just the world but also heavy bags of $XRP. His strength knows no bounds, still hodling on to the emotional baggage of his old relationships...


Dexter - Brown Sugar Bumpie

Brimming with talent, Brown Sugars are masters of their craft. Blending skill with expertise, everything they touch becomes sweet magic.

Meet Dexter, brainiac extraordinaire. With a penchant for all things tech-related, he skilfully deploys smart contracts from his secret laboratory. During his breaks, you'll find that he can not resist a good sandwich.


Remi - Lychee Bumpie

Lychees are trailblazers, thrill-seekers and impulsive. They thrive in fast paced environments.

With insomnia-fueled dedication, Remi is no stranger to the meme frontier. Staying awake for days, he strategically waits for the ripe moment to swiftly snipe the next big crypto sensation.


Izzy - Taro Bumpie

Taros are vibrant and sociable characters. They love a good chin wag with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Izzy is an aspiring Crypto Influencer with infectious enthusiasm. She will promote anything from memecoins to pet rocks. However, she never forgets her roots, constantly giving back to her community.


Atticus - Black Sesame (silver) Bumpie

Black Sesames are ludicrously knowledgeable individuals, completely guided by principle and reason. Basic emotions? No room for such frivolities.

In the realms of rationality, Atticus champions a charm that is precisely 0% emotion and 100% logic. A self-proclaimed tokenomics guru, everything is according to his spreadsheets. Unsurprisngly, the only item not on track is his dating life.


Larry - Earl Grey Bumpie

Earl Greys are bold and confident risk-takers. Never shying away from a challenge or friendly dare, social anxiety is scared of them.

Larry boasts a powerful, forward and assertive demeanor, having built an illustrious career of collecting altcoins. Some would consider him a Hall of Famer when it comes to identifying the next hidden gem.

Chad aka. Quadzilla

Chad aka. Quadzilla - Watermelon Bumpie

Watermelons are your gym junkies, they enjoy getting a good pump and injecting themselves with juicy crypto knowledge.

Chad a.k.a "Quadzilla" only understands protein shakes and airdrops. He seizes every opportunity to bulk up (his winnings) and revel in his hefty gains.


Gunther - Blueberry Bumpie

Blueberries are competitive characters. They are the embodiment of unyielding determination and are natural problem solvers.

Gunther, a visionary miner of indomitable spirit. He is a man of focus, commitment and sheer forking will. A familiar presence in the BlackRock quarries where he unearths and accumulates scarce resources known to few but sought by many.


Jennie - Honeydew Bumpie

Honeydews are the manifestation of jittery nerves and endearing timidity. They approach the world with an adorable blend of apprehension.

Though gentle and sweet in nature, Jennie is a permanent inhabitant of the anxiety zone and the local paper hands. Turning everyday surprises into heart-pounding adventures, she will sell all at any sign of bad news.



Each Bumpie is special and made up of 5 physical traits. When you create a Bumpie, each of these 5 traits randomly picks from 20 different variations, spread across 4 levels of rarity.

base traitskin traitcore traiteyes traitmouth trait
Bumpies anatomy



Get your Ultra Rare Galactic Bumpie now! Available only for 2 months, these Bumpies offer greater rewards and future airdrops. Their rarity depends on the number of Galactic traits they have. Hurry, they won't be here for long!

Bumpies Galactic


Meet the charming 'Bumpies,' your lively decentralized companions in the Web3 Space! Collect and watch these adorable NFTs bump, share insights, and turn obstacles into stepping stones on your crypto adventure.

While Bumpies begin as simple characters, your engagement in the Web3 Space allows them to grow. Watch as they acquire distinctive accessories, develop vivid personalities, and forge meaningful bonds with fellow Bumpies in the ever-expanding BumpieVerse. The adventure awaits – adopt your Bumpie now and be part of this vibrant, decentralized community!

    Bumpie holders will have the opportunity to Play, Personalize, and Participate within the vibrant BumpieVerse Ecosystem. They'll gain exclusive access to a variety of games, Dapps, Decentralized IDs, and unique rewards, all developed in collaboration with our partners and community.

    Some of the utilities holders can expect are

    • Game access - Access to Ecosystem games, with the first game releasing in 2024.
    • DID Integration - Bumpies can be linked to their Avocard-0 DID as an Avatar for their virtual ID.
    • Endless Customizability - Bring your true Web3 Personality alive with endless customization options to make your Bumpie uniquely yours.
    • Social and Community Driven - Grow your decentralized social network by visually identifying web3 participants who share your interests and passions.
    • Collaborative Ecosystem - Endless collaborative opportunities with Avocado DAO’s gaming partners with themed Bumpie Equipments.

    Bumpies will be released on the Base Network. To mint a Bumpie, you will need to have some ETH on Base. You can learn how to bridge to Base with the following guide

      • The mint date for Bumpies is 22nd December 2023 (13:00 UTC | 08:00 EST).
      • Bumpies will cost 0.007 ETH on the Base Network.
      • Kindly ensure there will also be sufficient ETH on Base in the wallet for gas fees.
      • The Bumpies collection comprises 25,000 unique Bumpies. Each Bumpie is unique, providing true utility and benefits to holders.
      • During the first 2 months of mint, there will be a 2% chance to mint a Bumpie with at least one Galactic Trait.

      Galactic Bumpies stand out as exceptionally rare and visually stunning collectibles within the BumpiVerse. These unique Bumpies are not just a feast for the eyes; they also carry significant advantages in the Bumpie ecosystem. Owners of Galactic Bumpies can look forward to a higher tier of reward distribution in future games and Dapps. Additionally, holding a Galactic Bumpie unlocks access to exclusive future airdrops, adding further value to these rare gems.

      While there's no limit to the number of standard Bumpies you can mint, during the first two months of our minting phase, every Bumpie you mint comes with a 2% chance of being a Galactic Bumpie, adorned with at least one of the five unique galactic body part variations. So, the more you mint, the higher your chances of encountering these magnificent yet elusive Bumpies!

        Bumpies does not have a mintlist. Bumpies is a NFT that will always be fair for all and everyone is welcome to mint one. We strongly believe everyone should be able to own a Bumpie as their Web3 companion, unlocking game accessories and DID benefits in the future.

          As Bumpies are ERC-721 NFTs, they can be traded on any significant NFT Marketplaces that support the Base network and trading of ERC-721 NFTs.

            Every Bumpie has five traits. body color, skin pattern, core, eyes, and mouth. Each trait can be one of four rarities. Common, Rare, Epic, or Galactic. How rare your Bumpie is depends on its rarest trait. The more traits it has of its rarest type, the more stars it gets.

            • For example, if your Bumpie has one Epic trait and four Common ones, it’s an Epic 1-Star Bumpie.
            • Another example, if your Bumpie has two Galactic traits and three Epic ones, it’s a Galactic 2-Star Bumpie.
            • Remember, Common Bumpies don’t have stars because they only have Common traits!